2nd floor secretary of the Liberal Democratic disaster designated and support for recovery with large supplementary budget Oct. 13 19:37

Due to the damage caused by Typhoon No. 19, the Liberal Democratic Party urgently held a meeting to discuss countermeasures, attended by the 2nd floor secretary-general and the Kishida political research chairman, etc. after 4 pm.

In this, Mr. Nikai said, “I feel that it has been reasonably settled because of what has been predicted and what has been said. Still, considerable damage has been widespread, and unless measures are taken immediately, I must not. "

After that, Mr. Nika asked the reporters, “The government should make it clear that it will be designated as a catastrophic disaster within a day or two so that the local government can work on recovery with peace of mind.”

Furthermore, he said, “I am determined to support the government with all my power to organize a large supplementary budget,” and expressed the idea that a supplementary budget for this year needs to be organized.

In addition, as for the question of the House of Councilors Budget Committee scheduled for 15th, he said, “It is important to discuss, but I think that the response should not be delayed while doing so, and I will think firmly in the field.” .

The Liberal Democratic Party of the House of Councilors wants to hold the budget committee as scheduled, but we are considering flexibly responding to the attendance of the Minister for Disaster Prevention Takeda and will discuss with the opposition party.