Flooded with water in the Shinano River tributary Wide-area house inundation Niigata Nagaoka October 13 15:47

In Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, the water of the Jodo River, which leads to the Shinano River that flows through the city center, is overflowing, causing damage to nearby houses in a wide area.

According to Nagaoka City, the areas that are affected are Omiya Town, Imai 1-chome, Imai 2-chome, Imai 3-chome, and other areas.

According to the fire department, there is a place where the house is immersed in water for about 1 meter at the site.

Also, at around 2 pm, the inhabitants considered to be family members were being rescued by a lifeboat, and the boy felt sick and was transported by an emergency.

According to the fire department, there is no information so far about injuries. In Nagaoka City, only the evacuation preparation information was published in this area.