Director Seibu Satoshi's next season is decided October 14th 0:42

Professional baseball, director Seibu's director Hirohiko Tsuji has decided to take command next season, which is the fourth year.

Seibu lost the 4th round of the climax series final stage held at the MetLife Dome on the 13th, and the season ended.

In response to this, President Igo requested that Mr. Sakai continue to invest, but Director Samurai accepted it.

Last year, the team ’s ability to lead the team to win the league for the first time in 10 years was recognized, and a new two-year contract was signed off.

Seibu Kotono was expected to struggle with the mainstay of throwing away from the team, but the strong batting line with the scoring power of the top of the 12 teams showed power at the end, standing for the first time in the 130th game, winning the league consecutive Achieved.

“I knew where I had to strengthen it, so I wanted to do my best to be able to win the league three times in a row. I want to go further than that.”