Wide area of ​​floor flooded complex Confirmation of safety of all members Saitama Sakado Oct. 13 18:49

In Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture, water from nearby rivers overflowed, causing damage to the water on the first floor of the housing complex in a wide area. It was.

A woman in her 50s living in the room on the 3rd floor said, “I'm going to my daughter's house because I can't go home for a while. I'm worried because I don't know when I can go home."

According to the fire department, about 70 people wanted to be rescued in this estate, but all were rescued before 5pm on the 13th.

In addition, according to Sakado City, as a result of confirming the safety of people living in this housing complex, all members were confirmed to be safe.

“The rescued people seemed to be uniformly tired because they were isolated for a long time. There were floods in the past in this area as well.” But it ’s a disaster that I ’ve never experienced. ”