Ocean Viking (archive photo)

  • Migrants. Alarm Phone, boat in danger with 100 on board
  • Migrants, EU: just ad hoc solutions now solidarity
  • Migrants, Di Maio: "Repatriation in 4 months and 13 safe ports"
  • Lampedusa, is overturned punt with 50 migrants. Recover the bodies of 13 women
  • Migrants: shipwreck in Lampedusa, 9 bodies recovered


October 13, 2019

After the rescue, in the last few hours by Ocean Viking, of 74 migrants on a dinghy in difficulty 50 miles from the Libyan coasts, the teams of SOS Mediterranee Italia and Doctors without borders, still aboard the Ocean Viking, completed this morning a second rescue of 102 people from a dinghy in difficulty 40 miles from the Libyan coast. Among them are 12 women, 4 of them pregnant and 9 children. There are now 176 people saved on board. This was announced by SoS Mediterranee Italia.

After being contacted by the second boat in danger, he tells Alarm Phone (the platform that helps migrants in the Mediterranean), "we kept in touch: the atmosphere on board was tense. They saw two helicopters fly over them and a boat on the way. "They were afraid of being returned to Libya. Instead, Ocean Viking rescued this boat. They will reach Europe! Welcome!"

Over 100 people in multiple landings between Porto Empedocle and Lampedusa
Meanwhile the landings of small boats on the Italian coast continue. Three arrived in the Agrigento area during the day. The finance guard intercepted 15 Tunisian migrants landed in Porto Empedocle, while 11 and 15 migrants arrived in Lampedusa in two different landings. Subsequently, still in Lampedusa, in 30 landed by a GdF patrol boat, another 30 arrived on board a boat.

Lamorgese: "Ue don't leave us alone"
The Syrian crisis must be tackled with a strong response from the EU, faced with the intensification of migration flows, the most exposed countries should not be left alone, but a solidarity-based European approach should be promoted. Interview at the beginning of the first page of the Corriere with Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese , which highlights the need to overcome the imbalances in the distribution of migrants, with automatic relocation procedures, continue to support the stabilization of Libya and start a confrontation with the NGOs , starting from the code of conduct already signed by the Interior Ministry.