Kurdish forces agreed to cooperate with Assad government Change to composition in northern Syria Oct 14 7:00

To combat the Turkish army that invaded northern Syria, the Kurdish forces agreed to cooperate with the Assad administration, which had been far away. Meanwhile, US President Trump, who has worked with the Kurdish forces, has ordered the start of withdrawal of a 1000-scale unit from northern Syria, and the composition of northern Syria has changed significantly.

On the 13th, the Kurdish factions revealed to the Turkish army, which continued its military operations in northern Syria, that they had agreed to cooperate with the Assad administration on Facebook.

The Syrian state news agency also reported that Assad's army would move troops north of Syria to combat the Turkish invasion.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of Defense Esper said in a CBS TV program interview on the 13th that "President Trump had ordered the military withdrawal from northern Syria last night," and planned a withdrawal of a 1,000-member US military unit. Was revealed.

The reason for this is that the Kurdish forces in cooperation with the United States are trying to deal with the Assad regime in Syria and Russia to fight Turkey.

The Kurdish power has changed dramatically in the composition of northern Syria in the form of approaching the Assad administration, which has been far away, as the United States has virtually acquitted the invasion of the Turkish army.

While the Kurdish forces in northern Syria strongly resist the Turkish attack, the international community states that the management of combatants in the defensive radical IS = Islamic State is no longer the priority. Demands that the Turkish army stop the attack.

A group of Kurdish-powered forces revealed on Thursday that the IS officials who had been virtually held out of Ein Isa's refugee camp in northern Syria have fled.

According to the Syrian Human Rights Watch Team, which gathers local information, the Kurdish security forces that had been monitoring the refugee camp had left to join the fight against Turkey, and the IS family escaped. “Most of them are foreign fighters' families, about 800”.

On the other hand, the Turkish Anatolian newsletter told the witnesses that the Kurdish forces deliberately escaped IS members.

The international community is strongly concerned that the extremist organization IS will expand its power again, taking advantage of the turmoil associated with Turkish military operations.