Symptoms of sore throat in children are redness of the throat, swelling of the tonsils, difficulty swallowing and speech, as well as fever and sore throat, which can reach the jaw and ears, as well as cough and cold.

The magazine "Eltern" German that sore throat is a common health problems in children, explaining that it is mostly due to influenza viruses, especially in children under three years.

The journal Family and Children noted that sore throat can be countered by drinking plenty of fluids that moisturize the mucous membranes.

Water, milk and sage can also be treated as ice cream. Fever can be countered by cold, cold milk compresses.

In case of severe trouble, painkillers may be used, taking into account full compliance with the maximum daily dose prescribed in the drug leaflet.

If these measures do not help to cure sore throat, consult a pediatrician.