13 October 2019A 25-year-old died in a car accident shortly after midnight on Via Cornigliano in Genoa. The boy was on a scooter when he collided with a steering wheel of the state police. The driving agent appears to have been investigated for road murder.

According to what has been learned, the registration in the register of the suspects of the agent of the Volanti of the Genoa police headquarters would be a 'due deed' to allow the attorney to order the unrepeatable checks.

The magistrate on duty ordered an autopsy on the body of 25-year-old Sharmilan Bramanantha, an Italian of Sri Lankan origin. The deputy prosecutor Gabriella Marino has also opened a file.

According to what was reconstructed by the police and city police, the steering wheel was intervening on a damage in a Basko supermarket. The agents, as learned, switched on the flashing light (while investigations continue on the fact that the siren was activated) and crossed the intersection between via Doufour and via Cornigliano with the red light at medium speed. When they arrived in the middle of the intersection, the scooter driven by Bramanantha arrived, driving green at high speed. The agents swerved trying to avoid the crash but the centaur was thrown to the ground.

The motorcyclist died before arriving at the hospital. The two agents remained unharmed. Seized recordings of security cameras in the area and the two media.