The death toll in Japan due to the heavy typhoon Hagibis has risen to 26. According to the authorities, more than 170 people were injured by the typhoon that landed on Saturday. It is the strongest typhoon for Japan in sixty years.

According to the public news channel NHK , at least 16 people are missing and more than 100 others have been injured. Around 400,000 households are currently without power.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed his condolences to the relatives. "The government will do everything it can to ensure that public life can get going again," he added.

According to the authorities, Hagibis leads to the heaviest rain showers and gusts of wind in years. A record amount of rain fell in many places, which led to mud flows. At least thirteen rivers have crossed their banks and this number is expected to rise.

Due to the nuisance, the airports in Tokyo have stopped air traffic on Saturday. Public life also stopped in other parts of the country on Saturday. Due to the improved weather conditions, train traffic in the capital started slowly again on Sunday.


Ravage and flooded streets in Japan by typhoon Hagibis


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