Presidential candidate Qais Said announced his victory in the Tunisian presidential elections, according to polls, stressing that Tunisia has witnessed the success of a "revolution within the framework of constitutional legitimacy."

"The great people of Tunisia today have given you a lesson for the whole world," Said said in his first speech after his victory at a news conference. It is a revolution in a new concept within the framework of the Constitution while upholding the constitutional legitimacy ».

"A revolution that philosophers, sociologists and politics have never experienced," he said. Dazzle the world with your automatic organization. To reassure everyone that I will carry the message and honesty in all sincerity and sincerity ».

"Today we are trying to build our capabilities, a new Tunisia, which the people shouted in December 2010 'The people want' and today you are achieving what you want," added the new Tunisian president who attracted youth and the educated class.

Saeed also sent a reassuring message abroad in his speech regarding its international obligations with its partners.

"The state will continue with its laws and international obligations," Said said. "The state is not people and to reassure many that we are aware of what we say because we know what the responsibility is and what the state means."

Thousands of supporters of Said, a retired constitutional law professor, celebrated on the main street in central Tunis shortly after the estimated results of the second round were announced. Tunisia »Nabil Karoui immediately after polling stations were closed Sunday evening.

The first task of the next president will be to assign a candidate to form a new government, according to the results of the legislative elections held last Sunday.

The legislative elections resulted in the Islamic Ennahda Movement won an uncomfortable majority by 52 seats, compared to 38 seats for the party «heart of Tunisia», which came second.