The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs has revealed that there are no current intentions to make any future amendments to the voting system in the upcoming FNC elections (2023), stressing that the Electoral Affairs Department in the ministry will start as of tomorrow early preparation for the next electoral process, especially as it You deal with elections in an institutional, not seasonal, manner.

While the ministry praised the unprecedented political participation rates of citizens members of electoral bodies, in the recent national elections, stressing that voters formed the heartbeat of the electoral process by their eagerness to participate in the elections.

The first undersecretary of the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, member of the National Election Commission and Chairman of the Election Management Committee, Tariq Hilal Lootah, confirmed that the Ministry will start as of tomorrow to prepare for the upcoming FNC elections (2023), after the fourth successful legislative elections and an unprecedented turnout. .

“Since the launch of the political empowerment program by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE at the end of 2005, and the effective implementation of the first legislative elections in 2006, we are in the Ministry of State for National Council Affairs,” Lootah said. Federal, we deal with parliamentary elections in an institutional, not seasonal », pointing out that once the final list of the 20 candidates winning the elections, the ministry officials begin to prepare for the next elections.

He added: «The ministry is keen to carry out an evaluation of the electoral process in a phased manner, in order to highlight and raise the positives that came out of this election wedding, as well as to identify the main negative or observations experienced by the electoral process since the opening of the candidacy until the announcement of the final list of winners», stressing that «The ministry has already benefited from past electoral experiences, by adjusting its organizational structure by establishing a specialized department in the Department of Electoral Affairs, to prepare for the next electoral process early, to make the electoral work to the institutional system rather than being a seasonal work».

Lootah pointed out that by the end of the 2016 elections, the Electoral Affairs Department began its work, and its first forecast or future prospects at the time, the need to increase the number of polling stations, which has already happened, which has been increased from 36 in 2016, to 39 were used in the last elections .

The Chairman of the Electoral Management Committee of the National Elections Commission, expressed satisfaction with the implementation of the National Committee of the one-vote system, because it came from the importance of the value of the vote of the voter, as an influential factor in the resolution of the election results.

He said: «citizen's voice is expensive, and the decision is more expensive, and I am on a personal level, one of the strongest supporters of the continuation of the one-vote system, because it changed the culture of candidates by changing the way of promotion and election campaigns, and give the voter greater value and responsibility», stressing that there is no intention of the Ministry to amend One-vote system in the next election.

He pointed out that the current electoral cycle has witnessed many developmental measures, most notably the dispensing of the origin of the identity card as a requirement for citizens to vote outside the country, in addition to the possibility of voting members of electoral bodies from any electoral center, explaining that this advantage benefited large numbers of voters ».

Lootah added that the early voting stage had a positive impact on the campaigns of candidates and the promotion of the electoral process, which contributed to the increase in voter turnout on the last day, praising the completion of the fourth election, with a noticeable increase in political participation by members of electoral bodies in various emirates. Country.