“Europeans were not very worried when, under Poroshenko, troops fiercely fired on residential areas of Donetsk, journalists, and even the OSCE mission. And the new “Maidan” in Ukraine will be perceived as a sophisticated attempt of begging, which, I must say, Petro Poroshenko has succeeded over the years of his presidency, ”the deputy believes.

According to Balbek, Europeans perceive what is happening in Ukraine "with philosophical humility."

“So there will be a Maidan - you have to open your wallet, there won't be a Maidan - you still have to feed Ukraine. Well, Petro Poroshenko himself, apparently, perceives power as opium and cannot, does not want to leave it, with some kind of gloomy determination he is trying to climb into the presidential chair again. Although, I think, such a springboard as the Maidan will not help him, ”he said.

Zelensky said earlier that European leaders were shocked by what was happening with Poroshenko.

According to the incumbent head of state, Poroshenko wants to lead the new "Maidan" and this is his mistake.