Parkslide is one of the world's 100 most aggressive alien species according to IUCN (International Union for conservation of nature). It spreads with the slightest spillage from roots or plant and creates new stocks. Something that SVT News West previously told.

"That's it, it's one of the world's worst invasive species," says the biologist and expert on invasive alien species Tina Kyrkander.

Just the female plant

At present, only the female plant is in Sweden. This means that it can only spread with shoots and roots not through the air and seeds.

- There are obviously female and male plants where the plant grows naturally. But in the countries, such as Sweden, where the plant was introduced, there is only the female plant right now, says Tina Kyrkander.

Come as a ornamental plant

The honey plant has come into Sweden through gardening enthusiasts as ornamental plants, just like many other plants. Since then the plant has spread into nature.

But Tina Kyrkander would rather not think about what would happen if someone had to take even the male plant of the same plant to Sweden.

- It just shouldn't just happen. Everyone can probably figure out what would happen then, says Tina Kyrkander.


The park slider is slowly approaching the fence towards Dorotea Reutersward's house in Töllsjö Photo: SVT