The puppy inspection certificate from July 2018 stated that the fontanelle was without comment. After the veterinary visit three months later, the dog owner contacted the kennel, who said that a puppy is not fully grown until they are two to three years old. And that the fontanelle is always open from the beginning, but grows with time.

The fontanelle was five millimeters

The vet that the woman met said that the fontanelle is hard to miss. In the examination, the fontanelle was five millimeters open and, according to the veterinarian, could only be congenital.

Now the General Complaints Board gives the dog buyer the right. They believe that she has succeeded in proving that it was an original fault for the seller. Since she discovered the fontanelle and complained within a reasonable time, she is entitled to a price reduction.

The dog was bought for SEK 17,000, but now the dog buyer gets a price reduction of SEK 7,000.