Military sources in Yemeni joint forces confirmed that they were able to foil several attacks and infiltration attempts by the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia to retake the strategic al-Jub camp in the northern province of Al-Dhali, while the joint Yemeni forces managed to secure several areas east of Hays district south of Hodeidah, as Yemeni army preparations continued to complete. Liberation of Saada Epaulet.

In detail, the Yemeni joint forces backed by southern forces foiled an attack and infiltration attempts by the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia towards al-Fakhir and al-Jub areas northwest of al-Dhala governorate in central Yemen on Friday evening and at dawn yesterday, killing and wounding them, including snipers who brought them from other fronts to al-Dhali.

Field sources in al-Dhali confirmed that the joint Yemeni forces were able to foil and repel attacks and infiltration attempts Houthi desperate and reinforced with various types of weapons, towards the areas of al-Fakher and al-Jeb, which is located within the strategic camp Jeb.

The joint Yemeni forces confronted a major attack, the third in two days, towards Al-Fakhir after two previous attacks, which cost heavy losses to the Houthis.

The sources pointed out that the militias mobilized during the past two days, the fighters in Ibb and Dhamar, and pushed them to the fronts of the north and west of the Dhala, where they were defeated by the Yemeni joint forces, and pushed these crowds to the areas of Shalil, Hajar and Sabira, all areas surrounding the strategic camp Jubb that tried desperately to recover during The last two days but failed.

The sources confirmed that the militias suffered casualties among the dead, wounded and prisoners during the battles in Al-Fakher, Baja, Hajar and Al-Jeb, in addition to the destruction of other military and booty mechanisms by the joint forces, which yesterday bombed Houthi positions in Al-Hashais area in the Oud Front of Ibb governorate. In al-Fakher, another one, Ali Salah al-Saqqaf and al-Makni, was killed.

A Houthi sniper killed a resident of Hubail al-Abdi, north of al-Dali ', called Abd al-Latif al-Shoki, before the Yemeni joint forces killed the sniper.

In Hajja, northwest Yemen, a number of Houthi elements were killed and others were injured, while five Houthi, including a senior leader, were captured on Friday evening, in the Yemeni army backed by the coalition to attack a militia attack south of Bani Hassan in the Directorate of Abs, extended to the Directorate of Mustaba and East Hiran And south of the Haradh border with Saudi Arabia, according to sources in the Fifth Military Zone.

The sources confirmed that the army was able to thwart the large-scale Houthi attack that lasted about six hours and left dozens dead and wounded among the Houthis, along with other families and the fleeing of the rest, and that the leader and Musharraf of the Houthis in a hiding place and the leader of the attack called Abu al-Batul al-Sharafi was killed in the latest attack.

The Arab coalition fighters to support legitimacy in Yemen, launched a series of raids focused on militia positions in Haradh and Abs, led to the destruction of reinforcements and military vehicles belonging to the Houthis and killed and wounded a number of their members.

In al-Hudaydah, the joint forces cleared several areas east of Hays district south of al-Hudaydah after the militias targeted the joint positions from these areas with artillery, prompting the forces to carry out a military operation towards those positions from which the fire was launched and secured.

In the meantime, the militias continued to target joint positions in al-Jah and al-Qurshiya in Beit al-Faqih district, and bombarded several areas in al-Khamis Street and Kilo 16 and east of al-Saleh city in al-Hudaydah, where 26 shells and rockets were fired from positions based east of al-Hudaydah.

The joint forces destroyed a bulldozer belonging to the Houthi militia in al-Jah area in Beit al-Faqih district, which was developing operations and digging trenches in the area.

For their part, the militias of various types of weapons targeted joint sites in the Duraimi Directorate and other in Tahita, south of Hodeidah, focused heavily on the areas of Al-Faza and Jabaliya from the farms, where they are stationed east of the Directorate of Tahita, using 120-mm mortar shells, and targeted other sites with Dushka and Pika Weapon 12.7.

In the meantime, the militias continued to send their gunmen to the seam areas in Durahami, Faza and Jabaliya in Al-Tahita, and intensified the recent dispatch of their crowds to those areas, according to local and other sources in the joint forces, stressing that all militia movements are monitored and dealt with.

Local sources in al-Hudaydah revealed that the militias carried out a massive recruitment operation for the people under their control in the districts of al-Duha, al-Salif and al-Maraweya, and pushed them to the frontlines in the city of al-Hudaydah, taking advantage of their poverty and their need to provide for their families, caused by the militias themselves.

On the other hand, the Iranian militias continued the process of displacement and displacement of families and families from their homes in the Directorate of Duraimi and replace their elements were brought with their weapons to the Directorate, according to local sources, stressing that the militias displaced a number of families and families from their homes forcibly in Duraimi. Bombing residential areas whose residents refused to leave with various weapons on a daily basis to force them to leave.

In Saada, military sources confirmed the arrival of military reinforcements belonging to the Saada axis command to the Kattaf fronts, in preparation for completing the liberation of the Directorate and entering the center of the Directorate, which is based on the Yemeni forces.

Brigadier-General Raddad Al-Hashimi, commander of the epaulet of the epaulet, confirmed in a press statement, the restoration of the rest of the Directorate and complete its liberation and open new fronts towards different areas, pointing out that the forces in the epaulet received great support and support from the coalition as it is on its way to complete the liberation, within the framework of the military operation aimed To completely liberate Sa'ada governorate, behead the snake and reach militia strongholds in Maran.

In Taiz, the brigade forces foiled 35 armored attacks by Houthi militias on their positions in the Salou district in the southern governorate.

The sources pointed out that the militias launched a large-scale attack on Friday evening, on the brigade positions in the village of Dumba and Naqil al-Salu, in conjunction with artillery and indiscriminate shelling on residential villages within the Directorate of Sulu, pointing out that the attack came after the militias brought reinforcements from the villages of Ka'boul and Jishan villages adjacent to the Directorate of Damana Khadir East of Taiz, confirming the brigade's forces responded to the attack and its failure and the militias suffered losses in equipment and lives.