• Crisis: Another pitched battle around the Parliament of Quito

The political commission of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie) has decided to accept the hand extended by President Lenín Moreno, amidst the chaos that exists today in Quito. The building of the Comptroller, the public body that investigates the numerous cases of corruption during the years of the presidency of Rafael Correa, has fallen back into the hands of protesters, as happened last Monday.

"After a consultation process with the communities, peoples, nationalities and social organizations, we have decided to participate in the direct dialogue with Lenin on the repeal or revision of decree 883 (elimination of fuel subsidies)," the Conaie made public.

The leader Leónidas Iza, leader in the province of Cotopaxi, confirmed the acceptance of a dialogue that he claims will run parallel to the mobilizations, which today are paralyzed in Quito and that are also very strong in the mountain provinces of Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Azuay and Tungurahua The Conaie demands that the dialogues be public, "with giant screens" for the people to listen in an independent place and under the supervision of organizations such as the United Nations and the Episcopal Conference.

"The president has decided to analyze the decree," confirmed another Conaie leader from Guayaquil, where the mayor of Quito, Jorge Yunda, mediates between the two sides.

"We also activated consultations in the territories," added Iza, who said that "they are not our companions" assailants of the Comptroller. "It is the reaction of indignation of the people of Quito. With bullets they will not calm the people," he emphasized.

The campaign battle yesterday Friday followed an early morning dotted with shocks in the center of Quito, around the Assembly, which will meet on Monday in Guayaquil, the same city to which the Government has moved its headquarters.

The Police, who have already managed to expel the invaders from Monday in the Comptroller's Office, are trying to do the same at this time. Up to 30 protesters, who had bet on the building's terrace, were arrested . María Paula Romo, Minister of Interior, made public a video with radicals destroying everything that was in its path.

In parallel, hundreds of indigenous women traveled the capital to demand the repeal of such a controversial decree , in addition to shouting against violence. The repression of government forces and the violence of infiltrators has maximized tension in the indigenous "territory" of the center of Quito, which includes the Arbolito Park, the House of Culture and two universities that provide shelter to thousands of people .

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