Bruno de Stabenrath, the childhood friend of the man suspected of killing his wife and four children in 2011, who testified at the microphone in Europe 1 on Friday evening, told us his disappointment after the announcement of the false arrest of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. He calls for caution.


"It has awakened terrible things, when you talk about the case, it's better to be careful and talk conditional," said Bruno de Stabenrath on Europe 1 this Saturday. This childhood friend of Xavier Dupont Ligonnès, who had shown his relief on Europe 1 Friday night after the alleged arrest of Xavier Dupont Ligonnès, has again delivered our microphone a few hours after confirmation that the man stopped last night in Glasgow in Scotland is finally not the fugitive Nantes.

"We must understand that the memories of crimes and the specter of Xavier de Ligonnès that comes back like this suddenly in our reality, do a lot of harm," says the one who knew the fugitive in college in 1976.

"The exercise of truth must continue"

"It wakes up deep sorrows because we must not forget that there are always five victims, Agnes and the four children, who claim justice," says Bruno de Stabenrath. It's been eight years since Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès vanished. He is suspected of having killed his wife, his four children and buried them under the roof of their house in Nantes in 2011. Despite an international arrest warrant issued against him, he was never found.

"I think it is for them that the exercise of the truth must continue and above all encourage the police never to file the case.If this story broke in the open, Xavier will speak and we will need his confession", adds the one who thinks that we will eventually find Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès.