The Arab League condemned yesterday the Turkish aggression against Syria, describing it as an "invasion of the territory of an Arab state," and called on the international community to shoulder its responsibility towards the Turkish threat. Several Arab countries also condemned the attack. Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Anwar Gargash said that the Turkish aggression He stressed the need for joint Arab action in the face of regional interventions in Arab affairs.

In an emergency meeting, Arab foreign ministers condemned the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory and demanded an immediate halt to the withdrawal of Turkish troops.According to the final statement of the emergency meeting, the Arab League Council decided to condemn the Turkish aggression as a direct threat to Arab national security.

In their statement, the foreign ministers called for an end to the aggression and Turkey's immediate and unconditional withdrawal from all Syrian territories, as well as holding Turkey fully responsible for any repercussions of its aggression on the spread of terrorism or the return of terrorist organizations, including the Islamic State terrorist organization, to their activities in the region.

Speaking at the meeting, Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Abul-Gheit considered Turkey's military operation in northeastern Syria an invasion of the territory of an Arab state and an aggression against its sovereignty, stressing that it is a condemned invasion that cannot be accepted by an Arab who is proud of his Arabism and cannot be endorsed by him. Whatever the invader's pretexts are, the aggression remains unacceptable, condemned and out of legitimacy and international law.

Abul-Gheit said that Syria is an Arab country that is a member of this organization. It was and will continue to be an Arab land. Its security is part of Arab security, and the attack on the Syrian territorial integrity is certainly a threat to collective Arab security.

He continued: «foreign agendas and interests on the Syrian territory for years against the backdrop of a fierce war that tore the fabric of Syria, and this Council condemned and condemns all forms of foreign intervention on Syrian territory, whoever practices it, but considers these interventions cause of Syria's catastrophe and prolong its crisis» .

Abul-Gheit stressed that the Turkish aggression in the light of these facts is not only a threat to regional stability, but a real threat to international peace and security, calling on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities towards this imminent threat to the security of the world, expressing regret that the Security Council has encountered a clear failure, even Now, in dealing with the Turkish aggression because of some differences within it, especially with regard to the positions of some permanent members, calling on the Security Council, which represents the reference of international legitimacy to shoulder its responsibilities on this serious issue, and work more seriously to reach a unified international position condemning it The aggression and stop it, and remove the effects of it.

Abul-Gheit demanded that Turkey immediately and completely cease all military operations and withdraw its forces that have penetrated into Syrian territory, blaming them for the humanitarian and security consequences that might result from this dangerous aggression.

For his part, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Anwar Gargash, said through his account on the social networking site «Twitter», that «the repercussions are serious on the political and humanitarian level, and Turkish aggression is illegal and rejected Arab and international», he added: «Once again underscores the need for Arab action Joint to Regional Interventions in Arab Affairs ».

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry called on the international community to take all measures to stop the Turkish aggression against Syria, adding that Turkey is trying to exploit the situation in Syria to justify its occupation, stressing that the Turkish aggression in the light of these data is not only a threat to regional stability, but also a threat. Truly to international peace and security.

Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir said that Saudi Arabia supports a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis in accordance with the decisions of the international community, considering that the Turkish attack on northern Syria threatens to undermine the war efforts against the Islamic State terrorist organization, and called on the international community to redouble efforts to stop military operations in northern Syria.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammad Ali al-Hakim, whose country chaired the current session of the Arab League, condemned the Turkish attack on Syria, and called on the Arab League to re-membership of Syria.

Speaking at the meeting, Jordan's Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that Jordan rejects and condemns any aggression against Syria and any threat to its territorial integrity and security, and demands Turkey to immediately stop the attack on northern Syria, and that the political track is the only way to resolve the Syrian crisis.

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Algeria, Rachid Baladhan, reiterated his country's categorical rejection of prejudice to the sovereignty of states, whatever the circumstances and circumstances, declaring Algeria's full solidarity with Syria, and its concern for its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister Haiku Mas said that his country would stop Turkey's delivery of weapons that could be used in northeastern Syria against Kurdish fighters, Bild newspaper reported yesterday.

The Syrian Democratic Forces called on the United States yesterday to shoulder its moral responsibilities towards it in the face of the Turkish attack. "Our allies guaranteed us protection, but suddenly and without warning they abandoned us with unjust decisions by withdrawing their forces from the Turkish border," she said in a statement. , Adding that «the attack revived the terrorist organization Daesh», calling on its allies to close airspace to Turkish aviation.

On the ground, Turkish soldiers and loyalist Syrian fighters entered the town of Ras al-Ain in northeastern Syria, where violent clashes took place with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on the fourth day of an attack that Ankara continues, despite US threats of sanctions.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced yesterday its control of the town, which was denied by the SDF and other sources, including the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which reported that 10 civilians were killed by Turkish troops and Syrian pro-Syrian factions.

The SDF fought fierce battles to limit the advance of Turkish forces in its areas of control. The battles were concentrated in the areas of Ras al-Ain in the northern province of Hasaka and Tal Abyad in the north of Raqqa province.

Since the beginning of the offensive, according to the observatory, Turkish forces have taken control of 23 border villages, most of them in the vicinity of Tall Abyad, and the death toll of the Turkish attack since its inception rose to 30 civilians, in addition to 74 fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, according to the observatory.

Turkey denied yesterday targeting a US military base in northern Syria after the Pentagon said that US forces in Syria had been hit by Turkish artillery fire. The Pentagon confirmed that an explosion was meters away from a US position near the town of Kobani. Eye of the Arabs », and warned that the United States is ready to respond to any attack.

Thousands demonstrated yesterday in front of the United Nations headquarters in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, to ​​condemn the Turkish attack on northeastern Syria. Sporadic from Germany to condemn the Turkish military operation in northern Syria.

Germany announces the suspension of Turkey's delivery of weapons that could be used against Kurds in northeastern Syria.

SDF calls on the United States to shoulder its responsibilities in the face of the Turkish attack.