• Regionals, Di Maio-Zingaretti dinner. For now no agreement on Calabria
  • Maneuver, Zingaretti: "We will have to pay off the debts made by Salvini and rebuild the trust"
  • Zingaretti: "Error dividing". Franceschini: "It's a big problem"
  • Pd, Renzi ready to "consensual" farewell. Zingaretti media, appeal of Franceschini


by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea 11 October 2019Nicola Zingaretti proposes to the government allies to build together a strong political coalition, describing an "extraordinary novelty" the experience together with the Five Stars at Palazzo Chigi.

From the La7 screens, the secretary of the Democratic Party and president of the Lazio Region takes the ball and says: "Pd and M5S together represent over 40% of the Italian electorate. If we also extend to the allies we have a potential alliance that goes around the 47-48%. I say that today there is no such clear alliance. Do we want to try to build it? I say yes. Otherwise Salvini returns. "

In the new inclusive Center Left, Zingaretti thinks that there should also be the leader of Italy Viva Matteo Renzi: "Then he should be asked of him".

On the possible 'alliance', Luigi Di Maio had been much more cautious, preferring to verify the experiment in progress for Umbria. The dem leader, however, goes further: "There is a mission that I at this point have clear: to see, with the concreteness, the results of this Government and the political work of building a new center-left" gloss.

Speaking of the regional elections in Emilia Romagna , Zingaretti urges not to give up Stefano Bonaccini as a candidate if the agreement is made with M5S: "In Emilia there is a very good president and a very good budget of that administration".

On the statute of limitations the secretary Dem believes that it is first necessary to shorten the time of the trials. "We have always said: we work on the timing of the processes and then we discuss the issue of the prescription".

Zingaretti then says that the Democratic Party does not ask for the resignation of Virginia Raggi as mayor of Rome. "No, the Rays should deal with issues with more decision and more collegiality for too long unresolved". On the waste, the Lazio region has no faults, he states: "I believe I spent more time solving the problem of waste in Rome than in any other Italian municipality in post-war history." Zingaretti actually helps the Rays: "Absolutely, because it's a hand in Rome".

Speaking of the tax bill it is the jail for the great tax evaders is agreed but with an ad hoc provision: "The prison for the great evaders? This evening it was decided that this part will be seen in the delegation on the fight against evasion , removed from a plant only on justice and placed inside what will be the instrument to fight tax evasion "; therefore he agrees to the prison for the great evaders "within a strategy that puts other measures in place".