Nobel Peace Prize Greta won a disappointing voice from a young man who missed it Oct. 11, 20:19

The 16-year-old Swedish, Greta Toonberg, who appealed to combat global warming, was attracting attention as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. A voice was heard.

Greta is absent from school every Friday to appeal for global warming countermeasures, and young people who sympathize with each other are spreading the campaign called “Friday for the Future” around the world.

Among them, high school students and university students who hosted demonstrations in Japan that called for countermeasures against global warming gathered in Tokyo on the evening of November 11 and watched the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize over the Internet.

When the winner was announced as Prime Minister Abbey Ahmed of Ethiopia and found that Greta missed the award, the young people sighed and regretted.

“I missed the award, but I think it was good that Greta-san's existence was widely known and the movement for global warming countermeasures spread all over the world. Even if it is not, the facts of climate change will not change, so I would like to continue my activities in the future without worrying about it. "