• Fca withdraws the offer, leaps fusion with Renault. Letter from Elkann: "Unreasonable to go further"
  • Fca-Renault, Minister Le Maire: "Yes to merger, but without haste"
  • Le Maire: Renault-Fca merger is a great opportunity. But he asks for guarantees


June 13, 2019 The talks between Renault and Fca "can be resumed after trust has been re-established" with Nissan. So the economy minister Bruno Le Maire in an interview with France Info TV reported by Bloomberg, in which he also announces that today he will see the president of Renault Jean-Dominique Senard to discuss the strategies of the automotive company.

Speaking of the marriage between Fca eRenault, Le Maire confirmed that it was he himself who asked Jean-Dominique Senard to "study this possibility". The project - the minister explained - "has always seemed an interesting opportunity and remains an interesting opportunity", on condition - he warned - that it will take place "within the framework of the Alliance's strengthening strategy" between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi . This - continued Le Maire to France Info's microphones - requires that "the Japanese partner be associated and that in the end he agrees" on the merger. THE

Elkann remembers Gabetti: "You would have liked these last few weeks"
"There is a phrase that you liked to spur us on: 'the boats in the ports are safe, but it is not for what they are made of'. I really think that these last few weeks you would have liked them". With a clear reference to the Renault affair, John Elkann, president of Fca, thus addressed an intention to Gianluigi Gabetti, historic manager of Fiat and adviser to the lawyer Agnelli, during the trigesima mass, celebrated this morning in Turin in the sanctuary of the Consolata . With Elkann, his brother Lapo and his sister Ginevra, Andrea Agnelli and his mother Allegra, Evelina Christillin with her husband Gabriele Galateri di Genola, president of Generali, the banker Gerardo Bragiotti, the Recchi family.