A 14-year-old Asian water vendor haggled when he broke into her family's apartment on the pretext of putting a water cannula in the kitchen using her presence alone, telling her that her father had not paid the price and was willing to overlook it for a kiss. The offer is coerced, exploiting her weakness and uniqueness and sensing her hand and kissing her.

The victim, a student of Asian nationality, said that she was in her family's house alone on the afternoon of August 14, and heard the doorbell and when she opened she saw the person who always delivered water to their house, and when he entered, he insisted on putting one of the water bottles in the refrigerator assigned to her, and then asked her A glass of water, I brought him to her and surprised him holding her hand and kissing her, so she quickly pulled her hand.

She said that he tried to feel her hand again and was looking suspiciously and was afraid of him and yelled at him until he left the apartment, then told her that her parents did not pay the amount of water owed to them to the company, and hinted that he would pay for a small gift, and pointed to his lips that he wanted her to kiss him, She shouted again until he left the apartment and then called her mother and told her of the incident.

The defendant acknowledged in the police evidence and the investigation of the Public Prosecution that he kissed the victim's hand, wiped her cheek and offered her 100 dirhams, but she refused. He also requested her phone number to communicate with her.