Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar sheet for 11 October 2019:

41st calendar week, 284th day of the year

Still 81 days to the end of the year

Zodiac sign: Libra

Nameday: Quirin, Ethelburg, Bruno


2018 - Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier asks for a visit to a concentration camp memorial near Athens for forgiveness for the crimes committed during the German occupation in Greece.

2016 - Samsung takes its breakdown Smartphone Galaxy Note 7 from the market after a first recall could not eliminate the risk of sudden fires.

2009 - The Greens in the Saarland set the course for the nationwide first "Jamaica" alliance with CDU and FDP at the state level. A party congress votes for corresponding coalition negotiations.

2004 - The European Union abolishes the 1986 arms embargo and other restrictions imposed on Libya. The embargo had been imposed 18 years earlier as a reaction to the attack on the Berlin discotheque "La Belle".

1999 - Born in Germany, Günter Blobel receives the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his pioneering cell research.

1994 - After a five-year flight, Venus probe Magellan reaches Venus and burns out.

1958 - The US starts its first space probe «Pioneer 1» from Cape Canaveral (Florida).

1949 - Wilhelm Pieck (SED) is elected as the first President of the GDR in a joint session of the Provisional People's Chamber and the Provisional Chamber of Lands.

1899 - The Second Boer War begins between Britain and the Boer republics Transvaal and Orange Free State in southern Africa. It ends in 1902 with the annexation of the Boer republics by the British.

1634 - The second Grote Mandränke (Burchardiflut) ruptures the North Frisian island beach, leaving the islands Nordstrand and Pellworm. More than 9,000 people and 50,000 livestock are said to have drowned in the storm surge, one of the greatest natural disasters of the early modern period.


1969 - Prince Constantijn (50), Dutch prince, youngest son of Queen Beatrix

1954 - Sascha Hehn (65), German actor («Dream Ship»)

1934 - Peggy Parnass (85), Swedish author and actress in Germany (book «childhood», film «Panic Times»)

1929 - Liselotte Pulver (90), Swiss actress («I often think of Piroshka»)

1929 - Dorothee Wilms (90), German politician, Federal Minister 1982-90


1896 - Anton Bruckner, Austrian composer, b. 1824

1531 - Ulrich Zwingli, Swiss Reformer, born. 1484