The Danish government is temporarily introducing controls on the border with Sweden. Border controls will be launched on 12 November, Justice Minister Nick Hækkerup said. Several times a week cars, trains and ferries are to be controlled at the border. There will be no round-the-clock control. At the same time, the controls introduced at the beginning of 2016 at the German border will be extended for another six months until mid-May 2020.

The Danish government is reacting to a series of explosions in Denmark this year. In the Copenhagen area there were already 13 explosions in 2019. Several Swedes are suspected of being responsible, among other things, for an explosion before the Danish tax authorities in the summer. In addition, the Danish capital also has problems with gang crime. The government therefore wants to launch a series of initiatives designed to increase public safety.

The controls at the Danish-Swedish border are provisionally valid for six months. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced in mid-August that she wanted to better protect the Danish-Swedish border.

Sweden also controls its border with Denmark. Scandinavia travelers from Germany may need to present their identity card or passport at both the Danish and Swedish borders.