• Several German media reports on a shooting at a synagogue in Halle, which occurred at lunchtime on Wednesday, October 9. The attack occurs on the same day as the Jewish feast of kippur.

The newspaper Bild reports that explosives were placed in front of the synagogue, a task that has not yet been confirmed by the police.

• Police in Halle write on Twitter that a big effort is taking place in the city, in the pursuit of perpetrators. The public is urged to stay indoors and the central station in Halle is blocked off.

Later, police say two people died as a result of the attack - a man and a woman. The woman should have been shot outside the synagogue and the man near a fast-food restaurant, reports German Bild. Two people are injured in the act, according to Reuters, which refers to the German TV channel MDR.

• In the afternoon , the police arrest a man suspected of the act. According to German Der Spiegel, the man is 27 years old. Initially they are looking for several perpetrators, but according to German media he is the only suspect so far.

• A video reveals that the 27-year-old was broadcasting the act live on the Twitch gaming site. Pictures show how he tries to get into the synagogue and shoot at people. In the clip, he screams hateful words at Jews and denies that the Holocaust has taken place.

• A federal prosecutor takes over the case, Reuters reports. It indicates that there may be a suspicion of terror . German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer calls the attack anti-Semitic.

• The European Parliament will hold a silent minute on Wednesday to honor the victims.

• The attack is the third at a synagogue in a year . Previously, two synagogues, one in Pittsburgh and one in Poway, California, have been subjected to similar deeds.