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The killer Mickaël Harpon, frequented the mosque in Gonesse, in the Paris region, but nothing establishes at this stage that the imam of this mosque has participated in its radicalization. REUTERS / Philippe Wojazer

In France, the investigation into the killing of the Paris police headquarters is continuing. It revealed a flaw in the system: one of the imams of the mosque that the killer frequented in Gonesse, in the Val d'Oise, had been reported to the DGSI, the information.

Before Gonesse, Ahmed Hilali officiated in 2015 in Sarcelles, a neighboring city. There, the mosque officials denounce the radical preaching of the 35-year-old Moroccan to the mayor, at the time François Puponni, now a deputy.

" Of course, what I do in this case is to seize the intelligence services to ask them to watch what happens. And one day, the secretariat of the préfecture calls me, saying, "We are going to expel Mr. Hilali". "

But this OQTF, Obligation to leave the French territory has never been applied. Officially, she had for object the non-payment of the alimony to her ex-companion, and not her work at the mosque.

And this does not surprise François Pupponi who reminds us that fundamentalism is not a crime in France: " I know that in this case, the prefecture service is trying to find the right legal way to expel it without recalibrate in the courts. "

Two years later, Ahmed Hilali arrives at Gonesse without the mayor of the city being aware of his past in Sarcelles. Jean-Pierre Blazy regrets it.

" I will have reacted and very strongly, of course. The prevention of radicalization as mayor on suburban territories, we want to act on condition obviously to begin with being informed. "

Like François Pupponi, Jean-Pierre Blazy asks for transparency on the course of this imam.

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