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The replenishment conference of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis ended Thursday in Lyon, France. The objective of raising $ 14 billion has finally been achieved, so that the Fund can carry out its programs for the next three years. Several African heads of state had made the trip and bilateral meetings were organized with the French president.

On the sidelines of the conference, Emmanuel Macron made an appointment with several of his African counterparts. The French head of state received the presidents of Niger, Madagascar, Burkina Faso and Cameroon, and in the latter case, it was a first.

The two men had already spoken, but by phone. Never Paul Biya and Emmanuel Macron had seen each other during a bilateral meeting. Hard to know what happened behind the door. Neither the French presidency nor the Cameroonian presidency communicated on the content of these discussions, which lasted about forty minutes.

This meeting is in any case a sign of rapprochement between Paris and Yaounde, whose relations were complicated lately. France was unhappy about the crisis in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. And had called, openly, for the release of the opponent Maurice Kamto, incarcerated at the beginning of the year.

Two events last week have undoubtedly helped to ease relations: the national dialogue on the Anglophone crisis and the release of the MRC president, the Mouvement pour la renaissance du Cameroun, just a few days ago.

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