• Superenalotto, centered on 6 records: won 209 million in Lodi


09 October 2019Sisal SpA, SuperEnalotto dealership, announced that the winning record of the record jackpot of over 209 million euros won last August 13 in Lodi, was presented for the procedures of withdrawal of the prize, by a banking institution charged by the winner, who therefore maintains absolute anonymity. The highest win ever awarded in the history of Sisal's SuperEnalotto was achieved thanks to a bet of only 2 euros.

Owner of the bar: "Even if I knew who won, I wouldn't say it"
"Even if I knew who won, I wouldn't say it": he said it, after hearing about the withdrawal of the super-pass, Marisa Caserini, co-owner of the Marino bar where, on August 13th last, they celebrated the win of over 209 million euros with a play from 2 euros to the Superenalotto. The statement comes after two rumors spread in recent days: one on an alleged camera placed right on the gaming desk, the other on the bar's imminent digestion change. "I know of all these rumors that have been put around - explains Marisa - and I don't know why anyone can say so many nonsense. We tobacconists - he adds - we do not know either day or time of play, I do not know how other tobacconists can assert the opposite and Regarding the cameras, however, there is the privacy law. There are criminal responsibilities. So I don't know anything. But even if I knew I wouldn't say it. : everything goes to the winner and that's all. Moreover, on the stupidity that is running around the fact that I would be closing, this is absolutely not true.