The much too young deceased influencer and pop theorist Carl Jakob Haupt once remarked that pop music lost its meaning precisely because it was omnipresent and available everywhere. Fashion, he was convinced, today plays a much bigger role than music, because: "You can own a jacket, unfortunately, no longer a pop song." In fact, our grandparents still had to save every single mark for the new shellac record of the Beatles, which in turn gave them an idealistic value. Popconsum as Distinctions: I have something you do not have. Today, however, as the decade of the 21st century comes to an end, an exuberant creative society daily new songs, songs and tracks on the internet hectoliterweise. Everyone can access them there with just one click, for free or for a negligible charge. Money is no longer spent on chords and beats, but rather on Apple's wireless headphones and expensive Nike sneakers.