The young people who are contacted usually have no idea what they are getting into and the criminals are happy to choose people who are punished.

"The insight about the scope or organization of drug dealing is poor," says Police Commissioner Johan Håvedal, who works with serious crimes at the police in Västerås.

What does the goalkeeper do?

Being a goalkeeper means, in this case, that someone orders drugs from, for example, Spain to your home, so that you then pass the package on to someone else. The goalkeepers have an important role in the activities of the criminals. Because their addresses are on the order, it becomes difficult to punish the brains, the real drug dealers, behind the crimes.

Vasteras Goalkeeper

An example is from the turn of the year when a young woman from Västerås had a shipment from Spain that was marked marble. There were almost 10 kilos of cannabis resin in the package. A few days later, the Customs Office discovered that another package of marked Buddha statue was on its way to the same address. That package also contained nearly 10 kg of cannabis resin.

The woman and a man suspected of being involved were later sentenced to nearly four years in prison for serious drug smuggling.