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Police in Paris, April 20, 2019. REUTERS / Yves Herman

In France, six police officers from Seine-Saint-Denis were placed in police custody on 8 October at the premises of the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN). They are accused of being involved in the violent arrest of a young man this summer in Saint-Ouen.

The scene of the arrest, which took place last August 9 in the Cité Cordon of Saint-Ouen, in the suburbs of Paris, had been filmed and widely broadcast on social networks.

In this video, we see a plainclothes policeman slapping several faces in the face of a young man, before being joined by colleagues in uniform.
One of them and the policeman in plainclothes then seem to be kicking each other in the head of the individual while he is on the ground.

Policeman in civilian clothes

The victim, who had been prescribed three days of total incapacity for work, filed a complaint in August for torture. According to him, in addition to the filming shots, the violence continued on the way to the police station, during which he allegedly received several taser blows in the genitals.

The 20-year-old, who admitted to selling cannabis, said the plainclothes officer pretended to be a buyer. This practice is allowed but very framed. According to Le Parisien , no authorization had been given that day for such an operation.

In this case, the police are also suspected of theft and forgery. Some of them are also targeted by a second investigation for events that took place the same day, still in Saint-Ouen: two witnesses accused them of bringing two young people in a hall to hit them.

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