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Crossword puzzle: Around the corner thought # 2506


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Summer Prize Riddles - Winners and Solutions

6 Just a wall-edge theme - and you marvel at what every hiker needs ..., right? 12 Bringing color to life, albeit perhaps not completely 14 By name, a single house: densely built up across the state from bank to hillside 16 After successful success, they can always be thievingly happy 18 The idea is soon a simple movement and soon one Act of the ... (J. Joubert) 20 placed in the room mostly to offer much space 21 passes under a rather small flame 22 material offensive behavior, perhaps well-being roommates 23 Office chair replacement in the top executive floor at that time 24 Where's going to look ... If you want to go on a new direction with a W-line 26 Addressed between rich and poor, found between measuring tape and needle 27 Somehow fits 38 as well as Nora to Arno 29 Fills the air with elemental material 31 You want the bad guy. .. and silently the fool (N. Chamfort) 34 At Wolverines metal forward: a very original man 36 From the handball coach to hear - where the 39 horizontal 38 Maybe a question of the generation, if you rather know Gronkh or Satie 39 Often times the relaxation because of planned - and yet carried out in 43 horizontally 40 That's it, to the typical bread knife attacks 42 A recognized as error opinion without Giving up false shame is perhaps the most wonderful ... that is granted to our minds and at the same time that which we least use (A. Schnitzler) 43 Maintains the 44 horizontal shortening 44 Phase of missing physical absence 45 A helpful on the vegetable market, some goal-oriented underneath the walking depth

1 Source of sinew, better still of planning 2 How well everyone reacts when his 8 found another harvest driver vertically 3 A stretching in the bankless 4 Friend of small steps, with the front pretty far in front of the hind paws 5 Must, according to the song, a piece to be from the sky, along with the drink close to the letter 6 The winners of the questionnaires, for which there are no right or wrong answers 7 Speech-ways will soon come to her, stay with her 8 Proverbs of the limited honor value: From ... one becomes not well fed 9 When kick-off to the occasion often 10 Giving a substance collection substance 11 In the context of inner-city igniting once seriously suspicious 12 ranges from the CD center to the edge? One value in the focus of optics experts 13 The group it targets; His weakness often weighs more heavily than that of the muscles 17 Vornamely as the fastest for years on the 33 known vertically 19 In classical solo singing umständachender Nordmann 25 Who likes it, will end the menu rather cheese than pudding choose 28 The bad Esser, between Peter and Robert handles 30 book without cover? Land without much margin between the coast and the desert 32 Fingertip musician does not have to dive for it 33 Belongs to the first month of past years 35 Almost perfect: reason for a handshake 37 Without the maiden there would be no goal 41 First you ask: What does it contribute? And then only: Is it right and ...? (Saying)

Solution of No. 2505 (ZEITmagazin No. 41/2019):

7 FORMALIA 10 AMERICA to Amerigo Vespucci, soon after Columbus 15 VERDONNERN 18 NEBENAN 20 SKUNK 21 SUBSCRIPTIONS 22 ATEM 23 DARSS and Darth Vader ("Star Wars") 26 "Nice and GOOD, but ..." 27 "so nice!" and SONETT 28 ROOMS 30 REACH 33 be = sei, cher = dear (french): MUG 34 Grönemeyer, "SECOND BELL" 36 HARZIG 38 GIVEN 39 THEORY 42 CLIMB 43 MENU 44 and so on a little UNDERSTOOD 45 ETON in Concrete

1 KORKEICHEN 2 HarvestDANKfest 3 DIEB 4 "Break the BANNER" 5 GENETIC with Mendel's Peas Experiments 6 EDGES 7 (Munich October) FESTIVELY 8 Children's proposition "... and the moon face is finished" 9 EROS 11 MENUE 12 REM = Rapid Eye Movement (Sleep phase) 13 KENNER 14 GUEST GUY and guest host ("Asterix") 16 STUPIDITY 17 NARR 19 BEO 24 AERGER 25 SELF-CONFIDENCE 26 "Hansel and GRETEL" 27 Something SCHOEN-talking 29 MERGEL 31 RUEPEL 32 Gardener's HARKE 34 GOOSE 35 CHI in Chi-cago 37 ZERO = Zero 40 ESEL 41 IATA = International Air Transport Association

Source: zeit

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