UN Security Council North Europe's SLBM launch 6 European countries accused of 9:35

The United Nations Security Council said that North Korea had a meeting on the launch of SLBM = a submarine-launched ballistic missile, expecting the United States and North Korea to resume talks, while representatives from six European countries "A clear resolution violation."

The Security Council met on the 2nd of this month, on the request of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, to discuss the response of North Korea to launch SLBM = submarine-launched ballistic missile and dropped it into Japan's EEZ = exclusive economic zone. Opened.

The meeting was held privately, but after the meeting, representatives from six European countries including France and Germany held a press conference.

Among them, UN Ambassador Dribbiere read a statement that the six countries agreed, “This launch follows the short-range ballistic missiles of the past few weeks and strongly condemns these provocations. It was an obvious violation of the Security Council resolution that harmed the peace and security of the region.

He stressed the need to maintain and fully enforce sanctions against North Korea, and is eager to face North Korea in a sincere manner.

According to Security Council officials, at the meeting, there was an expectation for the resumption of the US-North Korea practitioner talks held on the 5th of this month, but in addition to China and Russia being positive about sanctions relaxation, Following the August meeting, I was unable to show any solidarity as the Security Council this time, partly because of the American speculation that I would like to prioritize the progress of this.