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The crime of José Antonio Delgado , the neighbor of Getxo who died buried alive after falling into the networks of a network that mounted fake dates, has uncovered that the band is older than previously thought. The investigators of the UCO and the Organic Unit of Judicial Police of Zaragoza have discovered that at least two other people could have participated, in addition to the couple who were arrested on October 2.

The investigation has already focused the case on three victims, of which the first was José Antonio, who was beaten and then buried in a place near Pedrola , the Maño town where the detainees lived.

However, it has been found that there were at least two other victims, a Romanian citizen and a Spaniard. In the first case, the agents have discovered that there is another citizen who is already in prison since last August, for different crimes, but who participated as an accomplice in the scam, illegal detention and subsequent robbery.

We must remember that the arrested couple, the 34-year-old Venezuelan Hedangelin Candy Arrieta Lanzadábal and her 35-year-old Moroccan boyfriend, M. Achraf Elbouti , cheated men through the well-known social dating network Badoo . The woman contacted the man then killed promising to have sex with him. He asked in return to move to the province of Zaragoza. Once there, José Antonio was beaten with brutality and killed. The couple stole all their belongings and put their car for sale online.

After the complaint of the disappearance on September 9, the civil guards eventually arrested the couple and searched the ship they had in Pedrola, where they found numerous indications of their participation in the crime.

But the "extreme" violence, as the researchers define, used by this couple, gave the clue that they might have had help from other people. Finally it was uncovered that at least the third man, the one who has been imprisoned since August, had participated in the first time they acted. And in addition, having ended up in prison in August and assaulting the second victim in September, agents suspect there may have been a room involved. During these days the researchers are making efforts to locate that possible fourth accomplice.

Last Saturday, on the other hand, the Venezuelan and the Moroccan went to court, and the judge on duty sent them to provisional prison without bail. The investigation is still open, coordinated by the Zaragoza Prosecutor's Office , and apart from the efforts to locate potential cronies, other victims who could have fallen into women's networks are being sought.

Hedangelin, making a pun with his own name, called herself Sweet Angel on social media, as this newspaper already published last Saturday. She presented herself as an affectionate woman, very much in love with her Moroccan partner, with whom she had only had a relationship for a few months (since the beginning of the summer, she believes) and the mother of a small child.

Beaten and stolen

The Moroccan, on the other hand, already had a history of gender-based violence and drug-related crimes, police sources reported. The method they devised to assault their victims always consisted of the same thing: a false date with the promise of maintaining relations with the woman, and then ending up kidnapped, beaten, robbed and finally abandoned in a lost place around Pedrola.

In the latter case the violence was so great that it is possible that the criminals thought that José Antonio had died and was buried to hide his body, but had not yet died, and that is why remains of dirt were found in his lungs.

The lawyer of the other two victims, José Cabrejas , explained yesterday in Ana Rosa's program that "the investigation is under summary secret" and that is why he could not provide data, but he did say that the two victims have had a very difficult time due to the brutality with which they were attacked.

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