Lidia Bedman in an IG file image

The 'first lady' of Vox attended the Vistalegre rally with her children to support her husband. He always differentiates his work from politics

Santiago Abascal, a divorce and an 'instagramer' woman: "If you criticize me for that, I don't give a damn"

Lidia Bedman (33) has a career away from the political life of her husband, Santiago Abascal. While the Vox leader prepares his election campaign and lives overturned in politics, his wife triumphs as an 'influencer' , with 150,000 followers on Instagram. Bedman has always kept a profile away from the politician and in networks he talks about fashion, motherhood and sport. However, something changed last Sunday.

Bedman wanted to support her husband in the second meeting that Vox organized in Vistalegre and that is why she attended the event with her children. Although Lidia did not appear on the stage as a 'first lady' of the party, she did publish a story on Instagram showing her commitment to the cause.

The daughter of Abascal-Bedman marriage during the rally

The 'influencer' published a snapshot of what the backside of the rally scenario looks like. In it you can see his eldest daughter waving two flags : one national and one white Vox, the same that the public moved to receive Abascal. Bedman accompanied the image of the text "Spain always", which corresponds to the campaign motto of the party. Despite that little incursion into politics, Bedman came back to life influencer in his next story, in which he told where the shoes that his daughter took to the rally were.

Abascal and Bedman married last October after four years of dating and two children in common. Although she does not pronounce herself politically, it is during moments of rest, such as weekends and summer, when she shares family snapshots with her husband and children.

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