Hong Kong Stock Exchange Abandoned Acquisition of London Stock Exchange Oct. 8 14:38

The Hong Kong stock exchange announced last month that it would give up its proposed acquisition plan for the London Stock Exchange in the UK.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange had proposed a 4 trillion yen acquisition to the London Stock Exchange Group in the UK last month, but issued a statement on the 8th, revealing that the plan would be abandoned. did.

According to the statement, "I believe that the plan is strategically meaningful to become the world's leading exchange, but I decided it wasn't the best to go further. is.

In response to the Hong Kong proposal, the London Stock Exchange announced last month that it refused, citing the benefits of the merger and the risk of political impact.

If the merger is realized, the world's leading stock exchange group across Asia and Europe is expected to be created, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has given up a new strategy to strengthen its competitiveness in the future by giving up the plan. It seems to be urged to develop.