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E-mails that continue to arrive on holidays! What are the unconnected rights? | NHK News


“I do n’t know if I ’m working or not working”… Do you have such a thought in emails sent from the company on holidays?

E-mails that continue to arrive on holidays! What are the unconnected rights? October 8, 18:57

Today is a holiday, what should we do now? At that time, when the smartphone rings and opens, business emails from the company. Do you have any experience? As work style reforms are screamed, there are less people working at midnight or on holidays, and some say that work hours have decreased. On the other hand, many people say that they should have returned home after work and continue to receive business e-mails, saying, “I don't know if I am working or not working”. Under such circumstances, the “unconnected right” attracts attention. What do you think? (Daisuke Narita, reporter of the network report department)

500 per day! The e-mail does not stop ringing

A man in his 50s worked for about 10 years at a company with many deals with foreign countries. However, it is said that the importance of the number of business emails and the urgent need to respond quickly increased with the expansion of overseas expansion and the number of positions within the company.

More than 500 business emails arrive in a day. In Japan, there are movements overseas even at night. Unless I missed work-related emails, I could carry my laptop with me except for the bathroom and toilet, and I could hardly go out. I only go to bed for a few hours until 3:00 in the morning. He said he was working in his dreams because he worked until just before going to bed even after going home.

The man developed depression and became unable to reply to e-mails, leaving the company this summer.

The time for email correspondence at home, which was plaguing men, was not counted in working hours.

The man says, “24 hours a day, I've been chased by my work every day. I think that as digital tools become more widespread, if we don't decide on any rules, more people will be hurt.”

“Smartphones are always ringing”

Male office workers in their 40s who were working to install advertisements at stations are also complaining of health problems.

The ad installation work takes place in the middle of the night when the train is finished, but even when I was absent, I received an email in the middle of the night and said that I could not sleep. Since 7 people used the shared email address of the workplace, all other business communications were also forwarded.

Even on holidays, if I had a problem with my work, I thought I had to deal with it. It ’s said that after checking the smartphone many times, the man began to feel as if the smartphone was ringing, even though there was actually no incoming call.

What is fantasy vibration syndrome?

Psychiatrist Masaharu Asakawa explains that these symptoms are caused by the fact that the brain continues to be tense, called "fantasy vibration syndrome", and the autonomic nerves are disturbed.

In fact, it is said that the number of patients who seem to be affected by these smartphones is also increasing in Asakawa's clinic in Koto-ku, Tokyo. It is said that if you leave it unattended because of your feelings, it will lead to insomnia and memory problems.

Asakawa said, “Even if you look around the commuter train, you can check your work email on your smartphone or gather information, so now people don't have time to rest their brains. More patients complain of depression. And it has become a serious problem. "

NO for non-business hours email! “Unable to connect”

Overseas, there is a growing movement to restrict contact outside business hours.

According to experts, in France, a law that stipulates the `` unconnected right '' that can be rejected by workers even if they contact the company outside of work hours in 2017, and is required to discuss between labor and management. It was.

“Unconnected rights” have been legislated in Italy, and this movement has spread in other countries and cities such as Canada, the UK, the Philippines, and New York.

One after another consultation in Japan

On the other hand, there is still no legal movement in Japan regarding “unconnected rights”.

However, in this interview, we have heard a series of serious complaints from people who are troubled by emails and contacts outside of holidays. The “General Support Union”, which accepts consultations on long working hours, is said to have received a lot of consultations about overtime hours.

The general support union says, “There is an atmosphere that makes it difficult for people who work to refuse to contact outside business hours, so we have to change this. We should think about whether it is possible to rest properly. I want you to consult without worrying alone. "

Please share your experiences

I receive mail outside business hours, but on the other hand, I think there are many people who are on the sender side.

How can I reduce contact outside of business hours? Here are some things you can do easily.

Telework and online job exchanges are expected to continue to progress, and personal fatigue will become increasingly difficult to see. It may be time to reconsider workplace manners and rules.

We are continuing to report on “unconnected rights”. We look forward to providing information from everyone who has read it.

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