• Cucchi case. PM asks 18 years for the two Carabinieri accused of the beating
  • Stefano Cucchi, the indictment of the PM: "First Kafkaesque process: it was not sloppiness, it was misdirection"


08 October 2019 "This is the year of change and change not only because it is the tenth anniversary but because finally in the judicial classrooms where we have fought for years, the truth that we were already clear since October of the 2009 ". This is how Ilaria Cucchi presented the fifth Memorial on the Capitol, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday in Rome, dedicated to her brother Stefano, who died ten years ago from the consequences of a beating in a Carabinieri barracks.

"It is a must for me - added Ilaria Cucchi - it is a wonderful event, and much more: it is the way in which civil society joins our family so as not to make us feel lonely". "Do not make the our family however - he underlined - also means giving a strong and clear signal to all the other Stefano, the last of which we must not forget to build a better society. What we do is a sign of hope ". Then he invited everyone to the next Sunday marathon organized as part of the Memorial:" We are about to reach the finish line, let's all get together, "he said, thanking those present.

The lawyer Anselmo: a tortuous path
"I remember the first of the Memorial, Ilaria told me" it is a memory but dedicated to life and the future, which also serves to resolve a tragedy. "A hymn to respect the dignity of the person. The Memorial is born from frustration: we had already understood the truth but it did not want to enter the judicial classrooms, as unfortunately too often happens ". This is how the lawyer Fabio Anselmo, the Cucchi family's lawyer at the Campidoglio presentation. "They were ten difficult years - he added - a tortuous path to say the least, which helped to clarify the shadow cones of the story, even if we had all already understood. It is the sense of justice that has moved our hearts. We want to talk to the heart, not to the belly - the lawyer concluded - we want to talk about the right to life "

The organization of the Memorial
"Ten years without Stefano. Humanity marching", this is the title of the V Memorial Stefano Cucchi, scheduled for 12 and 13 October in Rome, ten years after the death of the Roman surveyor. The initiative was presented this morning in the hall of the Carroccio in Campidoglio. "The death of Stefano has entered the history of our country - the promoters said - What happened ten years ago has gone beyond the walls of the prisons and the courtrooms. It has become the subject of public debate, political fact, journalism and together, reason of awakening the civil conscience of an entire country ". Among them the Association Stefano Cucchi Onlus, Uisp Roma, the Memorial Organizing Committee Stefano Cucchi and the Community Association.

The appointments
The appointment is for Saturday 12 October from 6.30 pm with debate and concert at the Angelo Mai, in Via delle Terme di Caracalla, where the evening will open with a moment of debate around the themes of human, civil and social rights with Ilaria Cucchi , Fabio Anselmo, the director of L'Espresso, Marco Damilano, and photojournalist Francesco Zizzola. The Memorial will then continue on Sunday 13 October from 9am with the traditional Marathon and Social Sport at the Torre del Fiscale Park - via di Torre Branca. Many associations have joined: from Amnesty International Italy to the Fiom-Cgil national, from the Antigone Association to Emergency. Just to name a few.