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Yemeni forces liberate areas in the fronts north and west of al-Dali '


The Arab Coalition fighter jets supported the legitimacy of sites and reinforcements belonging to the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia in Saada province in northern Yemen, while the joint forces achieved qualitative victories and liberated several areas in the fronts north and west of al-Dhali.

The Arab Coalition to support legitimacy destroyed sites and reinforcements belonging to the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia in Saada governorate in northern Yemen, while the joint forces achieved qualitative victories and liberated several areas in the fronts north and west of Al-Dhalea. Militias continued their military escalation.

In detail, field military sources confirmed that the coalition fighter jets managed yesterday to destroy military positions and reinforcements belonging to the Houthi militias in Saada after being targeted by a series of concentrated raids. And ammunition for the Houthis.

The sources pointed out that the raids also targeted sites for the Houthis in the Directorate of strategic yellow, led to the destruction of a weapons store and killed and wounded a number of Houthi elements, including field commanders.

The Yemeni army forces supported by the coalition to achieve qualitative progress in the front of the shoulders, after the withdrawal of Houthi elements from several positions on the impact of coalition air strikes, and the outbreak of disagreements between the elements of militias because of the losses incurred.

Local sources in the Kutaf axis said that armed groups of Houthi elements withdrew in protest against the continued neglect of Houthi leaders on the frontlines, accusing them of selling weapons and materiel and arresting close associates in the capital Sanaa and other militia control areas.

In al-Jawf near Saada, local sources confirmed the death of a number of Houthi elements in Al-Masloub district, west of the governorate, after the army managed to thwart an infiltration attempt by the Houthis on the fronts of Seddah and Waqz.

The Houthi militias have mobilized their fighters during the past days and brought various reinforcements coming from Amran and Saada, to launch a large-scale attack on the fronts of the western province of Jawf in the districts of Matun and Masloub.

Moreover, the Yemeni joint forces liberated several areas in Shakal and West Al-Dhali, and achieved qualitative victories in the area of ​​Awish near «Salim», after clashes continued since the day before yesterday, which led to the death and injury of a number of Houthi elements, in addition to the destruction of a military vehicle belonging to the Houthis According to field sources, the clashes spread to the Shahab Front northwest of Qataba.

The sources confirmed that the joint forces managed to bypass the front lines of the militias in the Al-Ribi area and reached Wadi Awish near the village of Salim, amid ongoing clashes at the outskirts of Hajar and Shakh sectors west of Qataba.

The joint forces managed to break the attack of the militias in Salim, al-Qafla, Sabira and Aweesh, and fought against the militias, which resulted in heavy losses of life and equipment among the militiamen in the area of ​​Hubail al-Midan, after the joint forces managed to secure several areas in the north and west of al-Dhala, culminating in the control of Malik west of Qafla, al-Jadadneh and the town of Beit al-Zaidi in Qataba. Till injured, according to confirmed sources.

In Hodeidah, on the west coast of Yemen, the commander of the seventh brigade Giants, Sheikh Ali al-Kenini, in a statement to «Emirates Today», that the forces of brigades Giants redeployed and stationed on the fronts of the west coast as the Houthi militias continue their military escalation and targeting joint forces positions in the seam areas He pointed out that a number of battalions joined the brigade recently, after completing their training by the coalition forces.

Sheikh al-Kenini said that the brigade's forces have been able to redeploy and position in new, qualitative and strategic locations on the west coast, which will enable them to thwart Houthi attacks targeting joint forces and civilians in the liberated areas on a daily basis, taking advantage of the UN truce, which the militias did not adhere to one day.

He explained that the joint forces, led by the brigades of the Giants are subjected to daily attacks and intensified with various types of weapons by the militias, which tried hundreds of times to penetrate the positions of the forces in several areas, especially south of Hodeidah, but failed thanks to the vigilance and monitoring of all movements of the Houthis along the coast, stressing that The patience of the combined forces will not last long on the Houthi daily attacks.

In addition, Houthi militias intensified shelling and targeting of joint forces stationing locations in the Duraimi district south of Hodeidah, using heavy mortars, heavy and medium weapons.

Source: emara

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