Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar sheet for the 08. October 2019:

41st calendar week, 281st day of the year

84 days left until the end of the year

Zodiac sign: Libra

Nameday: Demetrius, Giovanni


2018 - The Berlin writer Inger-Maria Mahlke receives the German Book Prize for her novel «Archipelago» in Frankfurt.

2017 - CDU and CSU agree after long dispute that a maximum of 200,000 refugees a year are admitted.

2014 - The German researcher Stefan Hell and the two US researchers Eric Betzig and William Moerner receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for an exact view of living cells.

2009 - The German author Herta Müller receives the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1999 - Klaus Reinhardt takes command of the peacekeeping force KFOR in Kosovo. For the first time a German officer takes over such a function.

1984 - The first transport with low-level radioactive nuclear waste from the Stade nuclear power plant arrives at the Gorleben nuclear waste storage facility in Lower Saxony.

1962 - The news magazine "Der Spiegel" publishes an article about the Bundeswehr with the title "Conditionally defensive", triggering a crisis ("mirror affair") in the government of Konrad Adenauer (CDU).

1949 - The British occupying power transfers trusteeship through the Volkswagen factory to the Federal Government. This is how Deutsche Volkswagen AG is founded.

1919 - Hugo Haase, co-founder and chairman of the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany (USPD), is seriously injured in an assassination attempt in Berlin. On November 7, he succumbed to his injuries.


1964 - Jakob Arjouni, German writer and playwright ("Happy Birthday, Turk!"), D. 2013

1958 - Ursula von der Leyen (61), German politician (CDU), from November 2019 President of the EU Commission, Federal Minister of Defense 2013-2019

1949 - Sigourney Weaver (70), American actress («Alien»)

1939 - Paul Hogan (80), Australian actor («Crocodile Dundee»)

1929 - Betty Boothroyd (90), British politician, Speaker of Parliament (Speaker) 1992-2000 - first woman in this office


2004 - Jacques Derrida, French philosopher, («The Story of the Lie»), born. 1930

1992 - Willy Brandt, German politician and Nobel Peace Prize winner (SPD), SPD chairman 1964-1987. First Social Democratic Chancellor 1969-1974, b. 1913