The United States will not play a role in an impending Turkish military operation against Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syria, the White House reports Monday. American troops withdraw from the area.

Turkey regards the Syrian-Kurdish fighters as terrorists and therefore wants to expel the groups from the area. The Turks also want to resettle two million Syrian refugees in the area.

According to the Americans, Turkey will soon be responsible for all IS prisoners in Northeast Syria.

US President Donald Trump held a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday about the issue.

The Syrian-Kurdish fighters have until now been seen by the US as valuable allies in the fight against terrorist group IS. NATO ally Turkey, however, believes that the militias are an extension of the forbidden PKK movement, which has committed attacks in Turkey.

The US and Turkey made agreements last month about a 'safe zone' on the Syrian side of the border. Erdogan is said to have expressed frustration against Trump on the progress of the security zone on Sunday.