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Turkey to military operation in northern Syria US forces are not involved | NHK News


President Trump in the US and President Erdogan in Turkey talked over the phone.

Turkey goes to military operations in northern Syria

American President Trump and Turkish President Erdogan met over the phone, and after the meeting, the White House revealed that Turkey would soon begin military operations in northern Syria. Tensions are growing at the border between Turkey and Syria.

President Trump in the United States and President Erdogan in Turkey met on the phone on the 6th to discuss the situation in northern Syria adjacent to Turkey.

In the north of Syria, the Kurdish forces that the United States cooperated with in the fight against the radical group IS = Islamic State are effectively controlled, but Turkey is strong because this Kurdish force is closely linked to its own terrorist organization. To repel and defend the border, it has been argued that a safety zone will be set up in Syrian territory along the border.

After the phone call, the White House announced that Turkey would soon begin a military operation in northern Syria, while the US military announced that it would not support or participate in this operation.

Both the United States have been in a squeeze between Turkey, a member of the NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the Kurdish forces that have cooperated in the fight against IS, but it has been pushed by Turkey's strong attitude.

On the 7th, Turkey ’s President Karn ’s chief counselor wrote “Turkey is strong and determined” on Twitter.

The Kurds have warned that the Turkish invasion will be thorough, and tensions are growing on the Turkish-Syrian border.

Source: nhk

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