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Photos of alleged victims of serial killers, including Samuel Little, during a tribute to the missing in Los Angeles, December 8, 2018. MARK RALSTON / AFP

It's probably the worst serial killer in US history. The FBI published Sunday on his website, the confession of Samuel Little who admitted the murder of 93 people between 1970 and 2005. His preferred method? Murder by strangulation. The video of the interrogation is cold in the back.

One must not trust his grandfather's appearance, a cap screwed on his head, and his voice exhausted by time. Samuel Little, 79, remembers in detail each of his murders. "She was a black and fine girl. Very kind. And she laughed while I killed her, "he says of one of his victims.

A memory that does not flinch, to the point that the man was able to draw a precise portrait of each of his victims. 93 in total, killed in 19 states of the country. Women for the most part. Prostitutes or drug addicts. " Marginalized ", according to the killer, convinced that nobody would worry about their fate.

Arrested for a drug case

It was a Texas policeman, James Holland, who made him confess after more than 700 hours of interrogation. The serial killer was first arrested in 2012 in Kentucky for a mundane drug deal. Then, he is incarcerated in 2014 while his DNA coincides with that collected on three bodies.

For now, the police have confirmed only half of these 93 murders, but she believes the credentials of the killer credible. By publishing these chilling confessions, the FBI is launching a great call for witnesses. Any additional information would be valuable to elucidate many unresolved cases to date, the famous "Cold-case".

The #FBI asks the public to help identify some of the victims of Samuel Little, a prolific serial killer who confessed to 93 murders. If you have any information related to Little's confessions, contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI (225-5324). https://t.co/X4PwOtKBJg pic.twitter.com/UMbLHn1C5F

FBI Las Vegas (@FBILasVegas) October 7, 2019