So, the center’s analysts propose deploying air defense systems in Eastern Europe.

"The deployment of modern air defense and coastal defense systems in Romania and Bulgaria could help to increase the effectiveness of deterrence in the region to counter the threat of an offensive missile strike from Russia," the report said.

It also proposes expanding NATO exercises and assisting Ukraine and Georgia “in developing their national defense potential”.

More details in the material RT.

Earlier, US Congressman John Garamendi said that the United States plans to hold the largest exercises since the Cold War in Europe.

At the end of August, Anna Vopka, a deputy of the VIII convocation, noted that the “mission” of Ukraine is to contain Russia in order to prevent its “aggression” in relation to European values.

American General Jeffrey Lee Harrigyan said that Washington has a plan to overcome the air defense system in Kaliningrad in the event of Russian "aggression."

Later, the Kremlin indicated that the security of all regions of Russia was ensured at the proper level.