Stockholm (dpa) - With the announcement of the Nobel Prize for Medicine starts today the Nobel Week. The Nobel meeting of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm wanted to announce this year's selection for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine at 11.30 at the earliest.

The awards in physics, chemistry, literature and peace will follow by the end of the week, followed by the Nobel Prize for Economics on the following Monday.

As in the previous two years, the Nobel prizes are worth SEK 9 million per category (around EUR 830 000). The award winners will be officially honored on December 10, the anniversary of the death of price founder and dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel, in Stockholm and Oslo. In addition to the prize money, you will receive the famous Nobel medal and a Nobel certificate.

The Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded last year to immunologists James Allison from the USA and Tasuku Honjo from Japan. They were honored for developing special cancer therapies.

As always, those who receive the prizes are completely unknown in advance. As in the categories of physics and chemistry, the Medical Prize often goes to several scientists at the same time, who have researched together or in the same field. The Nobel Prize for Medicine has received a total of 216 people since the first of 109 entries to date, including only twelve women. 39 times she went to a single, 33 times to two and 37 times to three winners. The prize may be awarded to a maximum of three people at the same time.

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