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In a few weeks, the European Union must decide to renew the mechanisms engaged against about fifteen personalities Congolese. When he went to Brussels, President Tshisekedi asked that they be relaxed. Some European states plead in the same direction, but NGOs warn against impunity.

Last week, at the UN Human Rights Council, the new Congolese Minister of Human Rights, a close friend of Lambert Mende, himself under sanctions, was adamant on the subject: the sanctions must be lifted . But, according to a European diplomat, " nothing could have been envisaged without the effective demand of Felix Tshisekedi, who in recent months has not made himself pronounced, creating a certain ambiguity. "

Since then, the meetings are multiplying on the European side, the requests also for the organizations of defense of human rights and the other partners. " To keep these personalities under sanction, we need new public elements, articles or NGO reports, which prove that they continue to harm, and we do not find ," says this diplomat.

" The financial interests of certain States "

And this is the argument used by states wishing to lift sanctions. That with the advent of Felix Tshiseked i, the "sanctioned" would have lost their power of nuisance. " Not in the army, the security services, they are everywhere, until the presidency, " retorts an activist.

Even anger at a UN official involved at the time in the investigations that led to some of these sanctions. He pleads against " the financial interests of some states " who once again " violate the rights of victims " after 25 years of impunity, he says. " They want to turn the page and move from principles to business, " said the UN official.

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