• Reforms. Ok Commission Chamber of Parliamentarians, Monday in the Chamber
  • The cutting of parliamentarians in the Chamber on 7 October in the Chamber
  • Di Maio: "No new taxes, down taxes". On parliamentary terms he warns: "No apology"
  • Cutting of parliamentarians, Minister D'Incà: "A forced passage in the coming weeks"


October 7, 2019At the start - and then continue in the afternoon session with possible nocturnal prosecution - the general discussion of the proposal of constitutional law C. 1585-B concerning Amendments to Articles 56, 57 and 59 of the Constitution on the subject of reducing the number of parliamentarians (approved , in a unified text, in first deliberation by the Senate, approved, in first deliberation, by the Chamber and approved, in second deliberation, with the absolute majority of its members, by Senate). If everything goes as planned, tomorrow there will be a vote and Montecitorio will go from 630 to 400 deputies, while the Senate will go from 315 to 200 elected. This is the fourth and last parliamentary reading of the provision strongly desired by the 5 Star Movement.

Di Maio: "A battle that 90% of Italians share"
"I am very excited about the cut of the parliamentarians and I do not expect only a majority vote but of the whole Parliament". Thus the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio. "It is a battle that, in my opinion, shares over 90% of Italians - he adds -. We cut 345 parliamentarians on Tuesday, and there will be fewer seats, fewer salaries and less bureaucracy, because there will be fewer amendments and fewer changes to the laws". "To those who will not vote - he concludes - it will mean that we will send them a small armchair at home to remind them that in a historical moment they have chosen the seats for change".

D'Incà: "We are facing an ethical problem"
"I have no fear because it is a step that defines the continuation of the program agreement. In these days with the group leaders we have already begun to discuss how to change the parliamentary regulations after the vote, adapting them to a Parliament with 600 elected."

This was stated by the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Federico D'Incà in an interview with Il Fatto Quotidiano. D'Incà has also intervened on the 'change of coats', suggesting some possible actions to avoid them: "The minimum threshold of components could be increased for groups formed in the current term, raising the quota of 20 members to the Chamber and 10 in Senate. Or cancel the current exceptions on the necessary number. " According to D'Incà, "then disincentives can be introduced on an economic level as is already the case in other European countries, with fewer resources for new groups".

According to the Minister for Relations with Parliament "we are faced with an ethical problem, and no one wants to touch the freedom and prerogatives of the individual parliamentarian. But everyone must take responsibility for the change of group, and not do it for reasons of pure convenience".

Salvini: "League and center-right will vote yes. But no market for cows M5S-Pd"
"We voted three times for the members of parliament, imagine if they are against?" Thus the leader of the League Matteo Salvini, guest of Massimo Giletti at 'Non è l'Arena' has assured that his party will vote for the cut of the parliamentarians together with Forza Italia and Fratelli d'Italia. "We have voted three times - Salvini added - we also vote for it the fourth time. Unless there is the exchange of Pd-M5s cows, I read that the Democratic Party said 'let's vote for the parliamentarians cut if we vote for it Ius soli '... ". As the center-right "we will have a common position - Salvini guaranteed - we are in favor. And on the economic maneuver we will have a common position".