Minister of Defense Meeting with US military commander in Japan Confirmation of cooperation strengthening based on “SLBM” Oct. 7 14:35

Defense Minister Kono met with US Commander Schneider in Japan and confirmed that North Korea would strengthen its cooperation based on the launch of ballistic missiles, which are considered to be SLBMs.

The talk was held at the Ministry of Defense, and opinions were exchanged over the fact that North Korea made a ballistic missile that could be seen as a SLBM = submarine-launched ballistic missile.

And Minister Kono and Commander Schneider confirmed that Japan and the United States will strengthen their cooperative relations toward the full implementation of the UN Security Council resolution.

They also agreed to steadily move the US Army Futenma base in Okinawa to Henoko, Nago City, and work closely to reduce the burden on Okinawa.

On the other hand, Minister Kono expressed appreciation for the revision of the guidelines of the Japanese and US governments, which enabled the police and fire departments to enter the scene quickly when a military aircraft accident occurred outside the US military base. I told you.