• Catalonia.Citizens will present a motion of censure against Quim Torra for "collaborating with radical commands"

As in the last plenary session, a tense session in the Parliament is expected this Monday. The debate and voting that Citizens has presented against the president of the Generalitat Quim Torra is foreseen even though he does not have enough support to move forward . Cs has only the support of the PP, who already wanted to file a motion in September against Torra although no one positioned itself. The other constitutionalist formation of the chamber, the PSC, has been unchecked ensuring that "Torra is the problem, but Cs is not the solution" so they will refrain. Nor is the parliamentary group of commons about to vote in favor and the independence forces, which are a majority in the Parliament, do they intend to reject the text. Everyone is expected to vote against the Citizens proposal.

With this situation, Cs maintains its commitment to debate this motion so that this Monday's session will be an advance of the electoral campaign to the general elections next November that has already had its previous attacks with the orange formation pressing the socialists always That has had occasion. Yesterday, the spokeswoman for Citizens (Cs) in the Congress of Deputies, Inés Arrimadas, considered that it is time to file a motion of censure in the Parliament against the president of the Generalitat Quim Torra since «we had never had Goma 2 before In the political debate, we had never had a president who jelly and gave explicit support to the alleged terrorists who have recognized before the judge that they wanted to attack Catalonia. There is a before and after".

Therefore, Arrimadas regretted that the PSC does not want to support the motion because "it loses another opportunity to place itself with the constitutionalists" and asked the socialist leaders Pedro Sánchez and Miquel Iceta to rectify and "do not save the ballot to Torra." "We are living in a very serious situation, we are not in a situation of ideological discrepancy, we have a government that applauds suspected terrorists, people who have recognized before a judge who intended to attack Catalonia in 1-O," Arrimadas said to claim the support of the Socialists even though they won't get it.

On the motion, JxCat spokeswoman in Congress, Laura Borràs, said they will not give him "credibility" because Cs "considers the Parliament a television set" and has warned that they will not collaborate "on the degradation of institutions." In this sense, the Gover n is considered to be the Minister of Presidency and spokesperson Mertixell Budó and not Quim Torra who responds to the leader of the Orange Party in Catalonia Lorena Roldán, who must state the motives of the motion and then present its program of government.

At the moment the PP supports the proposal of Citizens to take Torra out of the Government since it considers it an "obligation" of constitutionalism to send a message to the public that there is an alternative to independence, although it will not be approved. In this sense, Cs and PP consider it an "irresponsibility" that the president of the Generalitat remain in office after condemning the arrests of seven accused of allegedly preparing terrorist actions by the Civil Guard, following orders from the National Court, and not explicitly reject violence.

It will be the fourth motion of censure that is presented and debated in the Parliament of Catalonia although none of the previous ones, two against Jordi Pujol and another against, Pasqual Maragall, came to prosper since they did not obtain sufficient support. Even the last one was withdrawn without voting.

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