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Vox roars again in Vistalegre and unleashes all its nationalist hyperbole and its fury against the "enemies of Spain": the left and the separatists. The Santiago Abascal party teaches claws and muscle with a full in the Madrid venue, which has already become a fetish place for this formation, because it is where it has celebrated its main milestones. From there it is now conjured to go "further" in the general elections of November 10, proclaiming that it will not take "any step back in its ideas and convictions."

In Vistalegre a year ago it meant the political awakening of a new radical right-wing party, and again there he launched his electoral career with the objective of consolidating the 24 deputies and more than 10% of the vote achieved in the elections last April.

Abascal claims to have gone from being "four cats" to being the "voice" of those silenced by the " progressive dictatorship"; from being absolutely marginal to having representation in Congress, in regional parliaments (57 seats) and in town halls with more than half a thousand councilors.

To recover that torrent of mood of those months, which deflated when the high electoral expectations of the April generals were not met, and which was later paid in the autonomous and municipal elections of last May, Vox has organized this Vistalegre with the slogan "Plus Ultra" to catch career and momentum for 10-N.

A speech against Sánchez

The event, which aspires to be the most massive act of the campaign among all the parties, has been halfway between the tribute for what was achieved and the revival of the mood. 13,500 people have come, filling the stands and the track, according to the official count, with just a few dozen empty seats in the places with the worst visibility.

The staging has been surprising. More typical of an electoral campaign in the United States than in Spain, with a circular stage and a generous display of screens, lights and sound.

From this scenario, Abascal has discharged all his fury against the PSOE on account of Franco's exhumation to accuse him of wanting to "impose" a type of historical memory to "cover his shame." Which are, he finished off, those of a party that has "a criminal history."

"From its founder, Pablo Iglesias , threatening death in Parliament to the opposition, with the coup d'etat against the Republic in the year 34, with the punch in the elections of February 1936, with the murder of the opposition leader at the hands of the socialist escort or with the robbery of the bank of Spain, which took Moscow, "said the leader of Vox.

That, about the Civil War and its previous years. Then he has continued with the democratic stage, with the terrorism of the LAGs, "corruption and theft," the "legalization of the ETA trademarks" or the "pact with the coup plotters who struck the coup in Catalonia."

"To that PSOE we say that in Vox there are no murderers, kidnappers, corrupt, or female abusers, as they do that put them as presidents," said Abascal.

Ortega Smith calls Companys "killer"

After the controversy generated by his accusations of the Thirteen Roses shot by the Franco regime, the secretary general of Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, has returned to those years to claim to the left to ask for "forgiveness" for those killed in the Asturias revolution of 1934 and to call "murderer" the former Catalan president Lluís Companys .

Ortega has also talked about the "double threat" that Spain suffers. On the one hand, the interior, with the independentistas and the collusion of Pedro Sánchez. "The record is taken to the greatest traitor in Spain," he said. And on the other, the outside, for the "demographic invasion" of immigration, especially of Muslims, whom he has accused of not having the will to integrate and wanting to impose "theocratic totalitarianism."

For its part, the leader of Vox in Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, has proclaimed that Vox will face the "elites" and the "unique and totalitarian thought" of the left and that they will not take "any step back" in the "defense of the common "and its" convictions "about the unity of Spain, gender, immigration or historical memory.

"We will be heretics before the operant goodism and the progressive dictatorship. We are heretics, but we will always defend Spain." He has finished.

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